What Makes It Different?

Let's do a quick math!

Instead of purchasing a $400 highchair, why don't you consider to buy an IKEA / Big W / Target / Kmart highchair that costs you $25?

Yes, it’s just a basic $25 highchair!

But you can transform it into something else based on your style and preference with our...


1. Cushion Cover

Our handmade cushion cover is designed to fit IKEA Antilop supporting inflatable cushion. Designed in Australia and made from 100% cotton, it’s soft, breathable and sensitive skin-friendly. Get instant transformation of your basic highchair and give your little ones extra support they need for proper eating posture! 

2. Silicone Placemat

Our silicone placemats are FDA food grade, which means no nasties found in plastic. They are easy to take in and out, quick to clean, dishwasher safe and perfectly fit your highchair tray! 

3. Footrest

Our footrest helps to get your baby to concentrate on their food and stay longer in the highchair, as this promotes proper body posture. Fussy-less eating time and no more dangling feet on highchair! 

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