Why my footrest is slipping?

You should install all o-rings on top and metal clamps underneath your footrest, they should be secure and strong enough to hold the footrest. We suggest pushing the o-rings way up to the top and wiping the highchair legs with rubbing alcohol, then let them air dry. When you re-install them, try to limit contact with the legs because mainly it's oil on the legs that causes the footrest to slip.


Is your footrest and silicone placemat gonna fit into Kmart/ Target/ BigW highchairs too?

Footrest - yes, they will also fit into those highchairs

Original silicone placemat - yes, but you will need to trim the edges about 3-4mm and they will fit perfectly on your highchair tray

Coverall silicone placemat - yes, our coverall will still cover the surface of the tray, but you’ll notice slight spaces on the edges because their trays are more rounded than IKEA ones, you can’t trim our coverall


I spill some pasta sauce on my placemat, is it gonna stain?

Our placemat is made from 100% silicone so it's highly stain resistant. When you spill something and it appears stained, don't panic. Keep using and washing like normal and it should go away on its own. If you want to speed up the process, soak them in hydrogen peroxide and leave them air dry under the sunlight 


How to clean my silicone placemat?

Please rinse under the tap with warm soapy water or simply put them on the top rack of your dishwasher 


How to wash my cushion cover?

Our cushion cover made from 100% cotton, we choose the lightest material to ensure they are safe on your little one's skin. This quality makes them so soft, breathable and strong. We recommend to wash them on a cold and gentle cycle setting. Dry them flat on your clothing rack. Please do not bleach and dry clean


Do suction plates stick well to silicone placemats?

Yes, they do. If you are having trouble getting it to suction, try to wipe the bottom of the plate with some water and press down on tray